Are You More Comfortable Dating Online?

Many men and women are more comfortable dating online than in person. There are many reasons why online dating might be more appealing to some. An online dating service is easier because it allows people who are otherwise shy in person to be themselves. It’s also safer, since you have time to edit your responses and think more about the things you want or don’t want to share about yourself.

However, online dating alone won’t create the lasting relationship you really want. Here’s why you should step out into the real world:

It’s Just a Fantasy

It’s easy to live in fantasy land, where two people get along and everything is going great. Online dating almost creates an environment for the perfect relationship because you can always present your perfect self. Without dating in person, you can never truly get to know someone. You can never find out whether you have chemistry, whether they are who they say they are. Whether in photos or emails, online dating makes creates a buffer between you and the person you want others to think you are.

Holds You Back

As founder of New York Socials, an elite dating club for men, I encourage my clients to get out in the real world and start mingling. It takes courage to put yourself out there and meet someone new. Most of the time, dating in person is the best way to face your fears and grow as a person. Are you shy? Learn to get over your shyness and feel more comfortable in the company of others. Are you afraid of rejection? Learn how to overcome that fear in order to meet the woman of your dreams.