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How to Make a Bold Statement Cuff

Written by John Woodson Do you want to design and make your own jewelry? We’ve got the perfect project for you. This bold statement piece can be made within a few hours and only takes a day to dry. Making your own jewelry is easy when you have the right materials, tools, and instructions. Here’s […]

The beauty of arts and crafts

Written by John Woodson Humans, as many experts have opined, have the potential for greatness. And that greatness would have to depend on various sorts of things like what we are good at. Talents, on the other hand, are innate. It is something that cannot be taught. Rather, it is something that you are born […]

Easy and Affordable DIY Jewelry Design Projects

Written by Too Cute Beads Designing and making your own jewelry just got easier thanks to these projects you can do yourself. Do-it-yourself jewelry design allows you to customize your jewelry without spending a lot of time or money. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional designer, it’s possible to find simple and affordable DIY […]

Use Foam for Better Sculptures

By Carlo Badalamenti Sculpting is a time honored tradition that is still practiced and perfected by artists to this day. However, though the finished product is beautiful, that doesn’t mean the process that leads up to it is any less difficult. If you want to create better sculptures, though, fortunately there’s a very simple and […]

Fresh Ways to Present Food

Written by Anoush Catering Food presentation and the art of cooking go hand in hand. When it comes to catering, the way the food is presented should be both practical and visually appealing. It should be practical because it needs to be presented in a way that is appropriate for the event and the venue. […]

Survey: How Doctors Read and What it Means to Patients

Nearly 75 percent of physicians change their clinical practices quarterly or monthly based on reading medical literature, according to a Doximity survey conducted last week. The su

Literature and libations

I've always been fascinated with the idea that what you eat or what you drink reflects your personality.

International confrence for literature lovers in Dec

Lovers of literature and language will have an golden opportunity as a city based research institute in language, Institute of Advance Studies in English (IASE) is planning to organize a three day long International Conference on Literature, Language and Culture in the city.The Conference will have renowned professors and authors from across the globe who will present papers on contemporary …

Singapore Literature Prize judges resign in protest over NLB book withdrawal

The three judges said they were resigning given the “close links and associations” between the National Book Development Council, which awards the prizes, and the National Library Board.

11 authors shortlisted for Nigeria Literature Prize

Eleven authors have been shortlisted for the 2014 edition of the Nigeria Prize for Literature. A statement from the Nigeria LNG, organisers of the prize, lists the writers thus: Abba, John Friday – Alekwu Night Dance; Adaofuyi, Patrick Ogbe – Canterkerous Passengers; Cole, Soji – Maybe Tommorrow; Edema, Paul – A plague of Gadflies; Idada, Jude – Oduduwa, King of the Edos; Momodu, Onshore Ruth …