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What is the Role of a Film Producer?

If you’re new to the business of filmmaking, you might not understand the true role of a good producer. A producer is as essential to a solid film as good writing and top notch acting. The role of a producer isn’t someone numbers focused and looking for profits. Producers add a lot of value to […]

Notes on Production Scheduling

Any team of director and producer will face the age old problem of production scheduling. The challenge is to get a movie made within a certain amount of time so it can be marketed and sold, but there is so much to consider before you ever set foot on location. Pre and post production also […]

What 2015 Will Bring to the Movie Business

2014 brought us some interesting revelations for filmmaking. Indies learned that building a social media following is crucial to success, but we also some standards degrade even as visual effects became more important to filmmaking. It’s now 2015 and we’re all mobile. What role that trend will play in the future of film is still […]

How to Develop the Story of Your Film

Story is everything, but you need to be able to grab the script reader within the first few pages. There is no right way to do this. Some writers will use prose to set the scene, and dialogue to set the tone. Some films start with extended action sequences where a character is doing something […]

Beautiful bracelets

Written by Too Cute Beads Ask any girl and they would tell you that bracelets make great fashion statements anytime. These accessories can be worn on almost any occasion and they add style to different outfits. However, the thing about bracelets or any other jewelry item generally is that you would like yours to be […]

Swedish poet, Nobel Literature Prize winner Tomas Transtromer dies at age 83

Swedish poet and Nobel Literature Prize winner Tomas Transtromer has died at age 83, Swedish publisher Bonniers said Friday. The reclusive, mild-mannered wordsmith — considered a master of metaphor and one of the most important Scandinavian poets of the post-World War II era — died Thursday after a short illness said Bonniers spokeswoman Anna Tillgren. In famous collections such as the 1966 …

Literature conference at Bishop Brady

Christ the King Parish and Thomas More College are hosting their second annual Catholic literature conference at Bishop Brady High School, 25 Columbus Ave.

I never planned to enter for Etisalat prize –Mahlangu

Winner of the 2015 Etisalat Prize for Literature, Songeziwe Mahlangu, speaks with CHUX OHAI South African writer, Songeziwe Mahlangu, did not plan to enter his first book, a novel titled Penumbra, for the Etisalat Prize for Literature. He was simply not interested in the prize. The author says, in an interview with our correspondent, that…  [Read More…]

Extremist literature in focus at Boston Marathon bombing trial

An FBI computer specialist will face cross-examination by defense attorneys, who have already admitted that the 21-year-old defendant committed all the crimes he is accused of, but they also contend he did so in an act of subservience to his older brother, not because of a personal passion. Copies of Al Qaeda's “Inspire” magazine found on his laptop, including one titled “How to Make a Bomb in …

Alan Eyre: State Department’s Farsi-speaking man at Iran nuclear talks

The official spokesman turns to Persian poetry and literature to explain U.S. foreign policy to Iranians.