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Beautiful bracelets

Written by Too Cute Beads Ask any girl and they would tell you that bracelets make great fashion statements anytime. These accessories can be worn on almost any occasion and they add style to different outfits. However, the thing about bracelets or any other jewelry item generally is that you would like yours to be […]

How to Master the Art of Flirting

Written by New York Socials If you’ve never thought of flirting as an art, it is. While some people feel more comfortable doing it than others, flirting is an art that anyone can learn to do, and do well. Through NY Socials, I offer an elite dating service that includes relationship coaching for affluent men. […]

The Engineering Marvel that is the Eiffel Tower

Written by EUROQUEST TRAVEL GROUP Paris Excursions are always fun. Also known as the city of light, this town will sweep you off your feet and charm you in such a way that you will find that this will quickly become your favorite city to visit. Arguably one of the best cities in the world, […]

Crafting Jewelry at home

Written by Too Cute Beads If you like DIY projects, crafting your own jewelry at home can have several advantages. First, it is a cost-effective solution to having to buy jewelries from shops. Secondly you can craft quirky or unique jewelry that would suit your personality and that would totally match with your outfit. Handcrafted […]

History of the Louvre Pyramid

Written by French Experience Paris is always a good choice to start with for France Vacations. The city is filled with historical monuments evident of the country’s opulent history and regard for art. The Eiffel tower, museums and sculptures, the chateaux and castles, wine and cheese, and the sound of the French language itself, this […]

‘Literature should have ideological base’

Rachapalem says 85 per cent of Telugu stories are non-serious. Telugu literary criticism as prose was a modern concept that emerged with the onset of the print medium.

Maurice Saxby remembered as the Godfather of Australian children's literature

The life of `the Godfather of Australian children's literature' Maurice Saxby 1924–2014 will be celebrated at the Great Hall of The University of Sydney.

The D'oh of Homer: Professors employ TV's Simpsons

© AP Photo/Frank Eltman Richard Pioreck, adjunct professor of English, creative writing and literature at Hofstra University, discusses how he uses 'The Simpsons' and its references to Broadway and literature to teach his students.

APJ Abdul Kalam, Jung Chang, Naseeruddin Shah among 234 speakers at Zee Jaipur Literature festival

The world's largest free literature festival – the Zee Jaipur Literature festival announced their list of speakers and events at its curtain raiser on Tuesday at Taj Mahal hotel, New Delhi.

The creepy tale that launched gothic fiction

Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto was written 250 years ago – it inspired the genre of gothic literature