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What is the Role of a Film Producer?

If you’re new to the business of filmmaking, you might not understand the true role of a good producer. A producer is as essential to a solid film as good writing and top notch acting. The role of a producer isn’t someone numbers focused and looking for profits. Producers add a lot of value to […]

Notes on Production Scheduling

Any team of director and producer will face the age old problem of production scheduling. The challenge is to get a movie made within a certain amount of time so it can be marketed and sold, but there is so much to consider before you ever set foot on location. Pre and post production also […]

Improve Any Production With These Two Tips

Written by: Charles Matthau Summary: Make your indie production look polished with these tips on production value. Big-budget productions have a lot of polish, but you can do a lot with a low budget if you know how to spend your money. Production value isn’t just about a-list celebrities and top notch special effects. What […]

What 2015 Will Bring to the Movie Business

2014 brought us some interesting revelations for filmmaking. Indies learned that building a social media following is crucial to success, but we also some standards degrade even as visual effects became more important to filmmaking. It’s now 2015 and we’re all mobile. What role that trend will play in the future of film is still […]

How to Develop the Story of Your Film

Story is everything, but you need to be able to grab the script reader within the first few pages. There is no right way to do this. Some writers will use prose to set the scene, and dialogue to set the tone. Some films start with extended action sequences where a character is doing something […]

Günter Grass, German Nobel literature prize winner, dead at 87

Andrew V. Pestano LUEBECK, Germany, April 13 (UPI) — Günter Grass, author of The Tin Drum and Nobel literature prize winner, has died at a clinic in Luebeck, Germany, at the age of 87.

Literature quarter for Royal Mile

A new literature quarter is planned for the Royal Mile to provide a year-round hub promoting the Scottish capital's designation as Unesco City of Literature.

Tencent Teams Up With Trajectory To Sell eBooks Outside Of China

Tencent Literature, the online literature arm of China Internet giant Tencent, will team up with Trajectory of Massachusetts to sell Tencent Literature’s catalog of more than 200,000 eBooks to North and South American customers.  The partnership also allows for Trajectory to import English-language eBooks to Tencent’s customer base of over 820 million active users, the two said in a press …

Event at Stanford University: Women, Literature and Arts in the Middle East

Attiya Ahmad (George Washington University), “;Refracted Images: the Ordinariness of Middle Eastern Gendered Photography in Socio-Historical Context.”; – Dominic Brookshaw (Oxford University), “;Telling Stories: The Female Voice in 19th and 20th Century Persian Poetry”; – Nasrin Rahimieh (University of California, Irvine), “;Women Writing Ordinary Lives”;

Minister Umashri to release entire literature of noted writer Basavaraj Kattimani

Kannada and culture minister Umashri will release complete literature of renowned writer late Basavaraj Kattimani here on 9th April.