DIY: Clean Your Jewelry At Home

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Is your set of 14K CZ jewelry looking a little bit dull? Maybe it is a sign that it needs proper cleaning to bring back its original look and shine. In general, jewelry can easily tarnish and dull if not taken cared of properly. Bathing without removing your jewelry is a big no-no as the chlorine causes permanent damage and discoloration to it. If you want to give your white gold cubic zirconia ring a quick cleaning, here are a few tips that you can do that are cheap, practical and effective.

Different types of jewelry needs different methods in cleaning. For diamonds, it has been said numerous times that cleaning it with toothpaste will bring back its old sparkle. While this may sound as a terrific idea, you have to be cautious as toothpaste CAN damage soft metals such as silver. For gold jewelry, soak it in luke warm water with a few drops of dish detergent or ammonia. Brush it with a soft bristle brush to remove any films of dirt. Silver is one of the most delicate metals in jewelry. Only a silver polishing cloth or a sponge can suffice to wipe away dirt and tarnish.