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The Battle of Concord

By Phin Upham Concord was an important position for the militiamen during the American Revolutionary War. The area held the American military …

Approaching a New Film Project

Written by: Charles Matthau Summary: Get your mind and body ready for a new project with these tips. Before approaching a project …

Shooting Tips for Indie Filmmakers

All-time great films, like Psycho, manage to tell a visual story well. Good writing breeds good performances, just as great camera work …

Event at Stanford University: Women, Literature and Arts in the Middle East

Attiya Ahmad (George Washington University), “;Refracted Images: the Ordinariness of Middle Eastern Gendered Photography in Socio-Historical Context.”; – Dominic Brookshaw (Oxford University), “;Telling Stories: The Female Voice in 19th and 20th Century Persian Poetry”; – Nasrin Rahimieh (University of California, Irvine), “;Women Writing Ordinary Lives”;

Literature and Drama Classes Help

Literature and drama classes help students to find emotional balance. They open doors to how other people live. By entering in imagination into other people’s lives, students become friendly and more open to others. They see their own pain and difficulty as part of the process of becoming adult.