How to Master the Art of Flirting

Written by New York Socials

If you’ve never thought of flirting as an art, it is. While some people feel more comfortable doing it than others, flirting is an art that anyone can learn to do, and do well. Through NY Socials, I offer an elite dating service that includes relationship coaching for affluent men. Through this service, I’ve helped many men learn how to master the art of flirting in order to get and keep the woman of their dreams. Here are three tips on how to master the art of flirting.

Identify the message behind the actions. People flirt for all kinds of reasons, but mainly because they are trying to say something specific. Discover the message you want to give, and then use the right gestures to convey your message. For example, in a public setting with someone you don’t know, the right combination of gestures — such as subtle eye contact, a smile, and second glace — could give the other person the green light to come over and say hello. In a private setting, the right behaviors could mean that you want to be touched and kissed.

Match your message with the degree of flirting. Once you know what you want to say, it’s time to let your body do the talking. But how much flirting is too much? And is it possible to be too subtle? Yes. In some cases, a barrage of flirtatious behavior can actually backfire. In other cases, not enough flirting can also send the wrong message. It all depends on the context of the message and the relationship. If you’ve never met the person before, too much eye contact and flirting could come across as needy or desperate. But if you have already been on a few dates, not enough flirting could come across as cold and uninterested. The key is to be subtle but give the right message.

Discover your own art of flirting. While providing matchmaker services for a wide range of people, I’ve noticed that everyone has their own way of flirting. Sure, there are universal behaviors such as eye contact and smiles, but everyone has their own way of alluring the opposite sex. Don’t be afraid to discover that side of you, and to flirt in a way that is unique and fun. A certain body movement or gesture that is unique to your art of flirting might just be the bait that catches Mr. or Mrs. Right.
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