Top Destinations for Artistic Inspiration

For centuries, artists of all types have flocked to inspiring destinations to find their next great break-through. Whether you’re a writer, painter, performer, or other artistic type, sometimes the key to brilliance is location, location, location. Here are some of the favorite picks from Dev Randhawa.

With a long literary heritage and some of the most famous art museums in the world, it’s no wonder that Paris inspires artists of all types. From the haunts of Hemingway to the galleries of the Louvre, the city of lights is a wonderful place to spark your passion. Perhaps you’ll linger on the banks of the Seine to write a lover’s poem, or stroll the winding streets of Montmartre, offering to paint a stranger’s portrait. Whatever your talent, Paris will surely stir your creative juices.

Sometimes, a peaceful sojourn away from big city life is the perfect way to release your artistic colors. There may be no better place in the world for this than Italy’s beautiful Tuscany region. The iconic art hub of Florence is a must, but for quiet and delightful inspiration, relish in the atmosphere of Tuscany’s small, country villages. Explore rolling hills filled with colorful flowers. Spend a day visiting with locals. And then, create your masterpiece.

There are so many inspirational locales around the planet. Find your magic moment in places like historic New Orleans, or the mystical, castle-dotted highlands of Scotland, or the wild plains of Tanzania’s Serengeti. Paint under the sky where Monet did. Write a Manhattan mystery. Dance upon the Great Wall. Go forth and be inspired.