Finding the Best Photographer

Article submitted by Pierre Zarokian.

If you’re looking for a photographer in a major city, you’ll have no lack of options. Professional photographers in major cities easily number in the thousands. However, you don’t want just any photographer, so follow the below advice to get the one that’s perfect for your needs.

Start out by getting clear on what kind of photography you want done. If you want a portrait, for example, then only consider a portrait photographer. And no matter what someone tells you, don’t believe they’re a portrait photographer until you have a portfolio in your hands that proves it.

You’ll want to set a budget in stone before you ever look at any work, however. This will keep you from bending the numbers simply because you found a photographer who does amazing work. Make sure you get a quote from all your candidates upfront and, if you decide to hire them, make sure they put that quote in writing first.

One extremely underappreciated characteristic in a photographer is their personality. Shoots can easily go long, meaning you’ll want someone whose attitude can carry positivity the whole way though. Also, you could be working with them for a while, so you’ll want someone you have good rapport with who won’t become impolite or unprofessional once the job is theirs.


About the Author:  Pierre Zarokian is a web marketer from Los Angeles. He runs several companies, including Reputation Stars, an ORM Company.  You may find him on Twitter at Pierre Zarokian’s Twitter.