Contacting a Matchmaker: Desperate Act or Smart Move?

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Do you have doubts about contacting a matchmaker? Do you think that it might make you look like a loser? While it’s natural to feel a little insecure about contacting a matchmaker, you’re anything but a loser. As a leading matchmaker and relationship coach in NYC, I work with many confident, affluent men who come to me for relationship advice and for matchmaking services. Here are a few reasons why contacting a matchmaker is a smart move.

Women Find It Attractive

If you’re taking the time to contact a professional matchmaking service, chances are you’re serious about dating. Many women know this and appreciate it. And many find it attractive. After all, you will be meeting with women who are just as serious about finding the right mate and who are also using the same service.

Tired of the Dating Scene

The typical dating scene can get old fast, especially for affluent men. If you’re searching for an intelligent, beautiful woman, it might take a long time to find her through traditional dating methods. However, an elite club like New York Socials makes it possible for you to meet potential dates in a relaxed social setting. The female members of the club undergo an intense interview process as well as background check.