Book Review: Straight Talk About Klout and Social Media Influence

25“Straight Talk About Klout and Social Media Influence” by Miriam Slozberg covers everything from why having a social media presence is crucial, developing influence is important, the dos and don’ts of social media as well as providing a deep understanding of Klout. It is an excellent read, jam packed with great information and highly recommended to entrepreneurs, coaches, authors or those looking for work in any field that involves social media and marketing.

In this day and age you must understand every aspect of social media, and understand the importance of other tools such as Klout. Unfortunately many business owners still have this belief that social media is for kids, where as in reality it is the only marketing channel that is around that will bring your message out since more and more consumers are depending on social media for communication not just with their friends but with other customers that may have had experience with your business. That is the very thing that either convinces them to buy or not. It is not what they hear on a television or radio commercial, nor is it an ad about your business that they see in a newspaper or magazine. It is what they hear from others who experienced doing business with your company that they pay attention to. How do they find that out? Sure they can call a friend who has done business with you and asked about the experience. However, what people immediately do now is go on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter and firstly find if there are company pages, and what others are saying about your company, how you are engaging online, and if the owner has a clean presence him or herself. That is a huge factor.

If the business appears to have a good presence itself, however the owner does not, then that will be detrimental to the business. In this day and age, what happens online spills over offline and vise versa. That is how prevalent social media becomes, as you need to carry yourself professionally online as you would offline. It is your business’ lifeline and people not only look to see if the business and owner has a social media presence, however it is expected. Social media is evolving so rapidly that your presence is now being monitored and scored which angers a lot of people. This is where social media measuring analytics like Klout play a role and measure your presence and influence based on level of engagement. More and more people are looking at Klout scores, whether they are employers that are looking for applicants to fill in a marketing or social media position or even clients that are looking to hire someone in marketing and any field where social media is heavily used. This is becoming a reality.

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