Fresh Ways to Present Food

Food presentation and the art of cooking go hand in hand. When it comes to catering, the way the food is presented should be both practical and visually appealing. It should be practical because it needs to be presented in a way that is appropriate for the event and the venue. But it should also be visually appealing, adding to the beauty and allure of the dining experience. We’re always coming up with new and creative ways to present food at special events. Here are a few creative ideas that are new to catering scene:

Food Stations

Most LA catering companies either serve the food buffet-style or restaurant-style. But food stations are becoming a popular choice at all kinds of special events, including weddings. A food station is a mini buffet table that features a single type of food, such as roast beef or appetizers. But instead of just one table, catering companies create several food stations placed throughout the banquet hall. With several food stations around the venue, guests get to stand in shorter lines for only the type of foods they want.

Fusion Dining

Fusion dining marries restaurant-style presentation with family-style dining, creating an elegant and comfortable sit-down dining experience. This unique dining style requires guests to be seated at the table, which is covered in a variety of appetizers presented in family-style presentation. After the appetizers, however, the table is cleared and guests get to enjoy personal plates of the main course served to them by experienced waiters just like in a classy restaurant.