History of the Louvre Pyramid

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Paris is always a good choice to start with for France Vacations. The city is filled with historical monuments evident of the country’s opulent history and regard for art. The Eiffel tower, museums and sculptures, the chateaux and castles, wine and cheese, and the sound of the French language itself, this all completes the French experience.

Travel Professional, Philippe Dardour, highlights that among the historical buildings in Paris, the Louvre museum is an important part of any Paris Tours. From the famous Mona Lisa painting and the Venus de Milo sculpture, the museum houses the greatest artworks and sculptures of masters throughout history. If you have only one day in Paris, a trip to Louvre will all be enough.

The Story Behind the Louvre Pyramid

The Louvre Pyramid is one of the iconic structures in the city. This glass and steel pyramid stands as a modern contrast behind the Medieval and Renaissance architecture of the old Louvre Museum. Many tourists and locals ask what’s the story behind the Louvre Pyramid? Why did they choose to build a modern geometric structure?

It all started with the grand vision of the former French President François Mitterrand in 1981 to modernize the Louvre Museum and to initiate the Grand Louvre Plan. The pyramid was designed by André Le Nôtre, one of France’s notable landscape designers. The structure was meant to be a beacon and they chose to build it with glass so it can reflect the surrounding architecture of Louvre’s courtyard.

The first pyramid standing in the courtyard was completed in 1989. The second one, the Inverted Pyramid, was completed in 1993. It’s a smaller version of the first one and is located inside Louvre.

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