How to Make a Bold Statement Cuff

Written by John Woodson

Do you want to design and make your own jewelry? We’ve got the perfect project for you. This bold statement piece can be made within a few hours and only takes a day to dry. Making your own jewelry is easy when you have the right materials, tools, and instructions. Here’s a brief guide on how to design and make a bold statement cuff.

The Materials

To create a bold statement cuff, you will need to purchase a centerpiece, a clasp, and three 10 x 1.5mm flat leather pieces. Which centerpiece you select will depend on your personal taste and budget. Centerpieces are available in various styles, colors, and motifs, from floral pieces to geometric shapes. In addition to selecting your own pieces, you can also purchase a jewelry kit which includes everything you need to start this project.

You will also need a few tools before getting started. To make your bold statement cuff, you will need a sharpie, a ruler, super new glue, and a cutting tool such as scissors or a nipper tool.

Determine the Size

Use a 12” ruler to lay down your materials: the centerpiece and the three pieces of leather. If you want a 7 inch bracelet, cut the leather to 8.5 inches; 9 inches for a 7.5 inch bracelet, and 9.5 inches for an 8 inch bracelet. Use the sharpie to mark the leather and snip off the rest.

Snip Away

The next step is to create six pieces of leather from the three pieces that you have. To accomplish this, you will need to fold your leather pieces in half and cut in the center. Next, place the pieces through the centerpiece, but don’t use glue yet. You’re simply testing it out. During the testing phase, you can bust out the ruler to make sure everything is even.

Seal the Deal

To create the bracelet, use super new glue along one of the trenches in the center piece. At least five drops will do. Next, evenly apply the glue by rolling the centerpiece around. Apply all three pieces into the trench and push them into place. Let dry about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, repeat this same step again on the other side of the centerpiece.

Clasp Down

To add the clasp, use super new glue along the trench of one side of the clasp. Next, set all three pieces of leather into the trench and push down. Give another 15 minutes for this to dry. After 15 minutes, repeat this same step on the other side of your clasp. Finally, let the bracelet dry for at least 24 hours before flaunting your new creation! To learn how to create other jewelry pieces using gold filled beads and crystals, please visit Too Cute Beads.
John Woodson writes for Too Cute Beads, an online retailer of beading kits and jewelry supplies including sterling silver beads.