How to start a clothing shop.

Buying in bulk is one of the most important steps for any clothing business, and buying wholesale is even more important. In many wholesale places the more pieces you buy, the more of a discount you get though this isn’t the case at all places. Before going out and buying wholesale skirts, pants, shoes and all the other items it’s important to find a way to stand out, perhaps specialize in something. You can look for wholesale blouses and perhaps specialize in that, or womens clothing, children, summer wear etc. Find your niche and stand out in it.

Obviously you’ll need permits for your area, there are some places that you can start  out without permits such as some swap-meets and similar gathering to help you get on your feet and get started towards purchasing your permit. This also answers the question of where to sell, though you can also sell online or even at booths or fairs. Keep an eye out for places such as craigslist for ideas of people offering locations out for rent or fairs coming to your area. If you don’t have a shop and a warehouse you’ll want a place to safely store all the clothes so when someone gets them they will be fresh and new! When you go shopping, make a list of brands and styles you want to sell, shop around to find the best wholesalers and distributors. Remember you can choose 2-4 places, but beware of shipping costs. A great place to start promoting your business is on facebook, and all it takes is patience and willingness to learn!