Make Your Anniversary Ring Cubic Zirconia

With the recession still affecting most of our daily lives, many of us have had to learn to simply go without at times. The majority of us have cut luxury items and found ways to save money. But there are some things that you should still be able to spend money on. I’m talking about the important things in life that carry a significant sentimental value. If you have an anniversary coming up, for example, you shouldn’t have to forego celebrating it because the economy is bad. Continue reading for one easy way to make it special.


Depending on the anniversary, it’s often traditional to give the wife a ring. While that might seem like precisely the luxury item you’re trying not to spend money on these days, there’s an easy solution.

Cubic Zirconia is a man made gem that looks exactly like a diamond. Because it’s not a real diamond, though, you don’t have to worry about paying real diamond prices. You can purchase a anniversary CZ ring that will look as though you just won the jackpot, when it really cost a fractio of what a real diamond would.

You can even use the savings from the CZ gem to buy a better band. Platinum CZ rings, for example, are a very popular option.