Nice decorations for my rental house

Guest post written by Brenna Masterson

I think that it’s just so drab when people move into a place and don’t make an effort to decorate it at all. I mean, you can hang things up and take them down if you can’t paint the walls or do any renovating. It truly is amazing what hanging up a little bit of wall art can do.

I’m renting a house right now and just moved into it a few weeks ago. I can paint walls if I want, but I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time doing that so I went looking online to find some alternatives for that. While I was looking through that a few nights ago I came across the site and after I browsed through it a bit I decided to change over my internet access to the provider.
I love how accent walls look, but I decided that instead of doing that I should just put up a tablecloth wall hanging. I’ve seen other people do it before and it would still achieve the same look of an accent wall with a whole lot less trouble.