Precious Bracelets For Your Little Babies

A beautiful bracelet always attracts a large number of people. Bracelets made by Savannahs Treasures are prettier than any other bracelets available. They have an amazing and wide range of mothers bracelets, baby bracelets, and grandmothers bracelets. The most popular bracelets are the baby bracelets.

There are a number of series of baby bracelets like Elite Series, Gold Series, Silver Series, Heart Series, Elite Rainbow, Butterfly Series, Signature Series, Baby Bali Bracelets, Pearl Baby Bracelets, Baby Charm Bracelets, Faith Series, and Birthstone Series. Freshwater pearl baby bracelets and birthstone bracelets are the most famous baby bracelets. Pearl baby bracelets look beautiful on the babies’ small wrists. This firm only uses freshwater pearls of Grade A in these types of bracelets. The sizes of the pearls are 3.5-4.5mm and pearls of these sizes are very difficult to find. The cost of each pearl baby bracelet starts from 34.95 US Dollars. Birthstone bracelets make babies more adorable and elegant too. Birthstone color is a very different way of expressing the uniqueness and specialty of a child’s birth. These bracelets are designed with a special sterling daisy bead which is centered just to give balance and symmetry.

At present, Savannah’s Treasures offers only three birthstone colors: Clear, Baby Pink and Baby Lavender. A birthstone baby bracelet having the baby’s name mentioned on it costs only $41.95. Anybody interested to purchase this type of bracelet can visit to check which color he/she would prefer to buy. Their pearl baby bracelets also add to more value to a baby’s precious little wrist.