Roses and the Meaning of Their Colors

Written by: Flower Explosion LLC

During a wedding, it’s common to see a flower girl walk the runner sprinkling white petals across the ground. Those rose petals have special significance, typically symbolizing the purity of the bride and a pure innocence about the couple. Rose colors all have special significance, so be sure that you’re sending the right signals by learning what they mean.


Red garden roses represent a variety of emotions, mostly associated with love. The darker the rose, the more profound the declaration of love. Red roses can also symbolize an unconscious beauty, or symbolize a job well done. Red roses are sometimes given as congratulatory gifts, which was quite common in show business during award shows.


Peach roses are commonly given as an introduction, a kind of “let’s get closer together” gesture. The peach color also represents modesty, so it’s no surprise that these roses may also represent gratitude or sincerity.


Like peach, link roses symbolize appreciation. These roses are more commonly associated with admiration and gentleness. It’s common to include pink roses when you are trying to ask for forgiveness, or you are attempting to gain credibility.


Yellow roses signal exuberance. The color of yellow may refer to a new beginning or suggest a “welcome back” kind of message. Yellow can also substitute for peach if trying to get to know someone better, but only if your intentions are to date or become romantic.

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