Starting an Airbrush Tanning Business the Easy Way

While many people have been turned onto the benefits of spray tanning, some have even taken their love of the method a step further. With the right spray tanning equipment, individuals have found they can professional offer the service to others without having to invest in a physical building. Continue reading for some simple advice on what the right equipment entails.

An airbrush tanning kit is often your best bet when you first begin professional tanning. This is because a kit will provide all the equipment you need at an affordable price. Generally, these kits will include a variety of different spray tan solutions, including the primer most people use. It will also come with the spray tanning machine you need to apply the solution. If you plan on tanning people at their own locations, you’ll want a kit that includes a tent. These tents are used to contain your spray, so it doesn’t make a mess in the person’s home. A floor fan, with filter, is also necessary to help professional deal with the mist.

There will be plenty of other things you’ll need to take into consideration as well. As a small business, you’ll depend heavily on marketing and networking to secure new business. This will entail word-of-mouth referrals, as well as business cards, a website and utilizing social media.

Although it can be difficult when you first begin, keep in mind everyone starts off as a beginner. Sooner than you know it, though, you can enjoy a healthy income from spray tanning.