The Engineering Marvel that is the Eiffel Tower


Paris Excursions are always fun. Also known as the city of light, this town will sweep you off your feet and charm you in such a way that you will find that this will quickly become your favorite city to visit. Arguably one of the best cities in the world, Paris should also have a special place in your heart. Visit Eiffel Tower and have a different perspective and view of the city. Whether you visit the tower during the day or at night, you will find that this engineering marvel is one of the greatest achievements man has made in the engineering front. Made with massive amounts of steel, this structure serves as the symbol of pride for France. Built in 1889, one would wonder how this feat was accomplished. In the 19th century, there were no heavy equipment and high tech gadgets as well that would allow engineers and architects to have a better perspective of the structure before building it. And the sheer amount of steel involved in erecting the tower was also mindboggling back in the day. It used to be one of the most massive structures on the planet. And as a matter of fact, it still is up to this very day. You do not have to be an engineer or an architect to appreciate this wonder. Being close to the tower would already show you how magnificent it is. You can also catch tours to the tower where it would be quite easier for you to be able to go up rather than having to line up by yourself.

Paris Vacations are the best. You can visit all the museums, take a walk on the city streets, as well as do a great deal of shopping in the city’s many boutiques.