The Equipment Mobile Tanning Businesses Need

If you love spray tanning so much that you’d like to make it your occupation, you’re in luck. Thanks in advances made to the technology involved, a mobile spray tan business is a very real option for many people. With a mobile tanning business, you’ll get to do what you love for far less cost. This is because you won’t need to invest in a brick-and-mortar salon. Furthermore, you might actually make more money by attracting more customers as your mobility makes you accessible to more people.

Of course, in order for any business to be successful, it needs the right equipment. Your mobile tanning business will need tanning solutions, for example. Ideally, you should be able to offer customers a variety of options. Many people are getting turned on to organic airbrush tanning, for example, so you’d do well to have some organic options.

You can’t apply any of those options, though, without the right airbrush gun. But you’ll also need the proper equipment and solutions for cleaning it as well. Your spray gun won’t last long without proper maintenance.

If you plan on spraying people in their homes, you’ll need a tent to provide an enclosure. Without a reliable tent, your spray will get everywhere and it’s doubtful you’ll receive repeat business.

There are plenty of other options for people who want to start spray tanning professionally. But when you’re just getting started, the above basics will be sufficient.


Article submitted by Artesian Tan. The company offers hvlp spray tanning solutions for those interested in or currently running their own spray tanning business.