Things To Do Before Having A Spray Tan

Whether you have booked an appointment on a local tanning spa or bought your own spray tanning supplies, you have to prep your skin a day or two before your tanning session. Aside from this, you should also know about the airbrush tanning solutions to prolong your tan for as long as possible.

Prepare your skin for tanning by exfoliating a day or two prior. Water exfoliation is your best option, use a body scrub or a loofah to remove dead skin cells. Avoid using any essential oils or anything that will make your skin too oily. On the day of your tanning session, do not wear any make-up, deodorant and perfume. Use an old swimsuit or a disposable undergarment as tans could leave permanent stains on your clothes. Dry-off your body before having a spray tan, wipe areas where you usually perspire. If you’re having a tan through a spa, inform the spray tan technician about any dry areas of your skin, bruises or allergies. You may also consult with your spray tan technician if you will need to go topless for your spray tan. Be mindful and keep your legs apart especially if your thighs touch, this may lead to tan “holes”.

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