Use Foam for Better Sculptures

By Carlo Badalamenti

Sculpting is a time honored tradition that is still practiced and perfected by artists to this day. However, though the finished product is beautiful, that doesn’t mean the process that leads up to it is any less difficult. If you want to create better sculptures, though, fortunately there’s a very simple and affordable solution.

For years now, sculptors have actually been creating art from foam. This popular material is not difficult to come by. In fact, foam in Canada is not only prevalent, it’s affordable too. Certainly, foam is far more affordable than typical materials used for sculpting. This makes it especially handy for novice sculptors who are more likely to make mistakes toward their finished results.

An option like memory foam is best because it will provide a little bit more pushback as opposes to simply bending over when you go to carve it. This also makes for a more solid product when you’re finished. Other forms of foam may hold onto creases or otherwise give up their shape through the course of being cut into and otherwise molded.

So if you’re looking for different options to take your sculpting to the next level, consider foam options.


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